For players unfamiliar with the benefits of belonging to a diary service, go to What We Offer.

As a Diary Service - Handling work enquiries specifically for you. 

A diary service is like a PA, handling all your professional enquiries. There to ensure that you do not lose out on work because you are not immediately contactable and to take care of all the necessary communication between yourself and the fixers who book you. 

Being a member of Keyboard Connection ensures dates are not lost just because you are unable to take the call. We are here from 8am until midnight, seven days a week, available to take messages and bookings on your behalf, ensuring your valuable contacts are provided with a personal and professional booking service. The busier you are, the greater the value.

As a Work Opportunity

Keyboard Connection is dedicated to the concept that the enquirer’s problem is our problem. Every enquiry is treated as potential work for one of our players.  Marketing campaigns create awareness of the service to hundreds of organisations, from corporate entertainment to opera companies. These campaigns generate the majority of our “General Enquiry” bookings

Our “General Enquiry” system is for callers who need a pianist but do not have any contacts. Once we have taken all the relevant details from the caller, our staff use the comprehensive file of playing experience we hold on each player in order to select the pianist most suitable for the job, taking into account experience, preferences and distance to the venue. A database is kept of these enquiries is kept to ensure a fair distribution of work.

To Promote Reciprocal Work

Keyboard Connection clients are not in competition with each other. It is more like an association of pianists with similar or complimentary talents. When someone rings up asking for you by name, the call is treated as described in “As a Diary Service”. However, what happens if you are unable to do the work? Through Keyboard Connection the caller is given the opportunity to solve their problem without having to ring off.  Similarly, if a specifically requested player on our service is unavailable, this may give you the opportunity to make a new professional contact.