Keyboard Connection s here to help you find the right accompanist for your needs. We have found suitable players for a huge range of requests from cruises to opera productions, full time teaching posts to emergency replacements for rehearsals, auditions and recitals.

Many of our clients work as regular accompanists for choirs, opera companies and musical theatre groups working with people of all ages including many youth groups. We have specialists in all types of repertoire from Baroque to Contemporary and Opera to Jazz. Many play other keyboard instruments such as Harpsichord and Celeste. If required, most of our pianists are also able to provide an electric keyboard.

Either select an accompanist from the Client CVs, or call and describe your requiremends and we will endeavour to find the most suitable player for you. Once you have booked someone the service doesn't have to stop there. The play you book can either talk to you direct or liaise via us to arrange extra rehearsals or preparation time on the day.

Call One Number to Book a Pianist

  • We are open 8 AM - Midnight seven days a week, with the exception of a few days over Christmas and New Year
  • Our specialist staff will help you select the most suitable accompanist for your needs
  • We are able to provide you with a list from our database of available accompanists who have the expertise you require
  • We contact our clients immediately giving you the quickest response possible
  • We speak to our clients personally in order to guarantee that they will receive your booking
  • For urgent enquiries all suitable players are contacted simultaneously, maximizing the chance of finding you a player
  • This service is FREE. You only pay the pianist