Why Use MAS

The MAS booking service is free.  Using a diary service is a quick and convenient way to book musicians for your concert or recording.

Instant Booking - MAS is unique in that, in many cases, we can accept work for our clients.  This means that all you need to do is leave us the details and the player is booked; no need to wait for confirmation.

Instant Availability - no need to wait for players to respond to your message or email. Booking through MAS means you will get an instant decision about their availability, so you are not wasting time waiting for players who can’t do the work.

Multiple Booking - save time by booking all your players in a single phone call.  Or if you prefer, you can email us your booking requirements. 

Quick Responses - In most cases we get messages out within minutes of taking them, using mobile phones, landlines, text messages, email and fax.  We regularly chase up uncollected messages to ensure your booking gets to the player as fast as possible.

Alterations - need to change a rehearsal time?  Just give us the details and the names of the players involved and we will ensure that they all get the message.

Availability lists - if you are having difficulty fixing your date, or need to find a last-minute replacement, we can provide you with a list of players available for your work. You can then browse our CV Directory designed to help you find the most suitable players for your work.

If you have never used a diary service before, it may help to read on through the Booking Information and Working Practices pages, where there are detailed explanations of some of our terms as well as conditions of use.   If you have any further questions regarding making bookings with MAS, please call the office on 01306 500000 and speak to a member of the team.

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