MAS Working practices

The following statements outline MAS working practices.  If you have never used MAS before, please take a minute to read through the information below.

The status of work:
  • Definite – All bookings will be taken as a definite offer of work unless stipulated otherwise (see below). A definite offer of work once accepted constitutes a verbal contract.  If you subsequently cancel the player for whatever reason, you will usually be expected to financially compensate them as per MU Rules. In this situation we do not enter into negotiations on behalf of our clients.
  • In pencil / On hold - This is an unconfirmed offer of work, and should be used only if you are unsure whether or not the date will go ahead, or whether the player will be required.  If the client accepts this date, they will wait for confirmation/cancellation from you.  If you cancel them, the client would not expect to be paid. 

Booking multiple players - We work on the understanding that you are booking no more than the number of players you need.  If you are trying several players for one position (i.e. putting out 5 calls for a principal seat) on a first come, first served basis you MUST inform us of this.  We can then let our clients know that you are “looking elsewhere” and that we will need confirmation from you that the player is still required.

Booking alternative players - We work on the understanding that all offers of work for our clients remain open until we are informed otherwise.  If you have not heard from the client and you wish to try other players, you must inform us of this before doing so in order to give us the opportunity to make a follow up call to the player and obtain a response.

Contacting our clients - All bookings are called out to our clients at the earliest opportunity, usually within a few minutes of us taking the booking.  We do not leave details on our clients’ answer machines, but ask them to call in so we can guarantee they have received the booking. During busy times we prioritise by calling out the most urgent messages first.  If you need a very quick answer to your work offer, please let us know at the time by what date/time you need a response.

Confidentiality - Please do not ask for information about existing work in our client’s diaries, unless it is regarding the work you have booked them for.  We are bound by data protection laws and therefore cannot give out specific details about their commitments.  If we cannot immediately accept your booking for the client, we will refer it where appropriate in accordance with their instructions, and contact them as soon as possible.