Non Musical Services

Many of our clients make use of their alternative talents within the workplace, and are welcome to use this page to promote their various skills. If you have an area of expertise which you would like to advertise on this page, please contact us with the details.


Shelley Chocolates Shelley Van Loen   
Twitter: Shelleychocs

Superbrass Publishing/Printing
Roger Argente

The Utility Warehouse
Rachel Simms

Musician Photography
Simon Ballard

Alexander Technique
(STAT registered teacher offering lessons online & in person)
Deborah Davis

Arts Coaching
Lucy Hare

- weddings & functions

Independent Celebrant
- weddings, funerals, baby naming etc.
Stephen Henderson

Children's Books (suitable for 5yr olds)
Madeleine Ridd
'Millie's Brilliant Birthday Plan'
'Millie's Super Sports Day'

Performers CoachJessica

- As It Comes: Life from a
  musician's point of view
Davina Shum

Performance Coaching
Charlotte Tomlinson

Proofreader / Copy Editor (Text and Scores)
Martin Ash

YouTube Channel -
Heather's Plan (videos relating to things that come up as a professional performer)
Heather Hawken
Heather's Plan

YouTube Channel - Hennessey Brown Classical Music
Jonny Hennessey-Brown and
Cressida Wislocki
Hennessey Brown Classical Music

Podcast - Three in a Bar
Seb Philpott and Verity Simmons
Three in a Bar
Facebook: Three in a Bar

Translation, Proofreading
& Editing
Sophie Roper
10 years' experience in English,
 French & Spanish. Texts in a
wide range of different
specialisms, including legal,
financial, pharmaceutical,
energy and architecture