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Jake Walker


Royal Opera House Orchestra          
London Symphony Orchestra           
The Philharmonia
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra                      
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
National Symphony Orchestra          
London Festival Orchestra                                                    
London Concert Orchestra                                                    
Chamber Ensemble

Manning Camerata
English Sinfonia
Sinfonia 21                                                                             
Beaumont String Quartet                                                       
Walker String Quartet


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Open Range
Batman Begins
King Arthur
Shrek 2
Phantom Of The Opera                                                                     
The Gathering Storm
Return To Sender
Shark Tale
Churchill The Hollywood Years

Stage & TV                                                
Riverdance - The Show
Inspector Morse – “The Wench is Dead”                              
Otis Lee Crenshaw Show                                                      
Gunpowder Treason and Plot
Lorna Doone

Van Morrison
Afro Celt Sound System                                                                    
The Crofters                                                               

Tom Jones                                                                             
The Spice Girls                                                                      
Take That                                                                   
Brand New Heavies                                                                           
Simply Red                                                                
Sound Proof                                                                           
Romina Johnson                                                        
Bap Kennedy                         
Woman In White
Marie Claire D’Ubaldo
The Dream Team
Nuno Ricardo
Tom Baxter
Shane Lynch
Pet Shop Boys
Kat Starr Johnson

Courtney Pine                                                                        
Jools Holland                                                                         

Musical Education

Royal College of Music                                                         

1st Prize - All of the Royal College of Music Viola Prizes
1st Prize - Cobbett and Hurlseden prize for excellence
1st Prize - Cruft Chamber music prize

Grigory Zhuslin

Jake Walker’s early films included Barges, Guernica and Stone Garden. With more recent projects including Situations Vacant, Clever Gretel and Jamie And The Red Balloon. This led to additional music credits on Open Range (comp Michael Kaman) and Churchill The Hollywood Years. More recently he composed, arranged and recorded the score for the critically acclaimed Stones. Recorded at Rossyln Hill by The Walker Session Orchestra, Elliot Randall acted as recording supervisor and Andy Scarth was the Sound Engineer.

Major films in which he has performed include Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Batman Begins, King Arthur, Shrek 2, Shark Tale Madagascar, The Gathering Storm, Open Range, Sinbad, Churchill The Hollywood Years, Phantom, Return To Sender and Shine. Jake was specifically called upon to perform solos in Open Range and Churchill The Hollywood Years and worked as a music advisor on Shine.

At the height of its fame Jake performed as solo violinist for Riverdance and went on to work with Van Morrison as well as recording solo and collaborative albums incorporating the Celtic influences of his background including “Airs & Graces” “Lunasadh”, “Eireann” and “Soul Food”.

Sessions with major label artists have included Tom Jones, Jamiroqui, Jemilia, Simply Red, Tom Baxter, Brand New Heavies, Marie Claire D’Ubaldo, Nuno Ricardo, Zstar, The Pet Shop Boys, Shane Lynch, Martay, Cast, Romina Johnson, Mpeople, Bap Kennedy, The Dream Team, Kat Starr Johnson, Sound Proof, Take That and The Spice Girls.

As an arranger and songwriter Jake has worked with David Saw, Millionaire Souls, Annabel Lamb and Liz Simcock. In the world of Jazz he has worked with Courtney Pine, Jools Holland and the Syd Lawrence Big Band

Jake Walker left the Royal College Of Music in 1995. He had won every viola prize and most of the ensemble competitions. He had led every Royal College Of Music Ensemble and performed extensively as a soloist. His first engagement was with the London Symphony Orchestra followed by work for the last ten years with The Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, The Philharmonia, The Royal Philharmonic, and the BBC Philharmonic. His chamber ensemble experience has included performances with The Manning Camerata, the English Sinfonia, Britten Sinfonia and Sinfonia 21.

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Viola, Irish Folk Fiddle, Violin