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Rachel Simms


Bmus (Perf) LRAM

BBC Symphony Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
BBC Concert Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Bath Philharmonia (bassoon)
Bournemouth Sinfonietta (contra)
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (bassoon and contra) - Permanent extra since April 96
Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Britten Sinfonia (bassoon and contra)
Brunel Ensemble (bassoon and contra)
Chameleon Arts Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
English Chamber Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
English Sinfonia (Contra)
European Womens’ Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra (bassoon)
Glyndebourne Touring Opera (contra)
Hallé Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Kokoro Ensemble (bassoon & contra)
London City Opera (bassoon)
London Concert Sinfonia (bassoon)
London Mozart Players (bassoon and Contra)
London Opera Players (bassoon)
London Sinfonietta (contra)
Milton Keynes City Orchestra (bassoon)
Moloko (contra)
New London Orchestra (contra)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Royal Shakespeare Company (Contra)
Sarum Chamber Orchestra (bassoon and contra)
Sinfonia 21 (bassoon and contra)

Hallé Orchestra  (contra doubling bassoon) Nov 95-Nov 96

London Mozart Players – Caen  France  D-Day Celebrations June 2004
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Swizerland –May 2004
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Malaga Spain—May 2004
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Madrid Spain – May 2004
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Ravello Italy – July 2003
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Turkey June 2003
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra –Antwerp February, 2003
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra – USA and Canada, Charlotte Church December 2002
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – St. Ettienne, France, November 2002
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Kazakstahn, May 2002
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Poland, September 2001
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Spain, August 2001
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Lucerne, August 2001
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra -- Florence, July 2001
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Spain, July 2001
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Paris, June 2001
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Spain, August 2000
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – East Coast USA, March 2000
London City Opera – France, March 2000
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – West Coast USA, September 99
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra – Vienna, March 99
Oxford Philomusica – Switzerland, March 99
London Sinfonietta – Milan, October 96
Hallé Orchestra – Dublin, November 96

BBC Symphony Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra , Brunel Ensemble, Moloko Album: Things to Make and Do, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC TV interval feature for the proms 1994, Royal Academy of Music                           

Royal Academy of Music
, 1991-95 (Exhibition)
Bachelor of Music (Performance)  Honours Upper II.  LRAM (Teaching), 1994

Professors:  John Orford -Principal Bassoon, London Sinfonietta
                    David Chatterton - Contra Bassoon, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Previous Teachers:  Andrew Barnell - Principal Bassoon, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
                                 Lyndon Hilling - Head of Woodwind/Bassoon, Northampton Music Service
                                 Graham Tear - Northampton Music Service, Bassoon and Contra

RAM        Contra           Nicholas Reader, 1995
                 Bassoon        Klaus Thunneman, 1994
                 Bassoon        Pascal Gallois, 1994
                 Bassoon        Martin Gatt, 1993
                 Bassoon        Roger Birnstingl, 1992
                 Bassoon        Mordechai Rechtman, 1991
BDRS       Bassoon       William Waterhouse, 1991 -       at Stowe School

RAM Symphony Orchestra, including tour to Germany, 1995
RAM Sinfonia                                     
Manson Ensemble
RAM Sinfonietta, including tour to Spain, 1995

Northampton Chamber Orchestra        Mozart Bassoon Concerto                     September 1997
Kettering Salvation Army                    Saint Saens Sonate/Elgar Romance      March 1995
Brunel University, Uxbridge                40-minute Recital                                  February 1995
Northampton Youth Orchestra             Elgar Romance -Czech Tour                 June 1990

Amersham Symphony Orchestra                                           Beckenham Chorale
Bedford Sinfonia                                                                    Brecon Choral Society
Cambridge University Wind Orchestra                                  Central Festival Opera
Chameleon Arts Orchestra                                                     Chiltern Symphony Orchestra
European Sinfonia  - (Tour to Spain)                                     Exmoor Singers
Gloucester Choral Society                                                     Haydn Chamber Orchestra
Hertfordshire Philharmonic                                                   Highgate School Concert Orchestra
Hounslow Symphony Orchestra                                            International Youth Wind Orchestra -(tours of Australia and
Knightsbridge Choral Society                                               Latymer School Orchestra
London Hospital Chamber Choir                                          Luton Sinfonia
Marylebone Sinfonia                                                             Millennium Sinfonia
National Festival Orchestra                                                   Northampton Music School Staff Orchestra
Northampton Symphony Orchestra                                       Northampton G & S Society
Northampton Amateur Operatic Society                               Peterborough Choral Society
Potter’s Bar Operatic Society                                                Purcell School Orchestra
St.Endellion Festival Orchestra                                             Southern Pro Arte Orchestra
Wellingborough Arts Barn G & S Society                           Wells Cathedral Orchestra
Wyndom Chamber Orchestra

BBC Radio Northampton Music Fellowship, 1989

REFEREES       John Orford,  David Chatterton,  Bob Walker and Chris Gale           
                                                                                 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

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Contrabassoon, Bassoon