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William Morley


Professional Experience

Hallé Orchestra*
Philharmonia Orchestra*
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra*
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (4th Trumpet trial)*
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Opera North
Ulster Orchestra (Extra List)
Gabrieli Consort
European Brass Ensemble**

*Guest Principal
** Current Principal

Orchestral Training

Chethams Symphony Orchestra (Principal 2012)
National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (Principal 2012)
Royal Academy of Music Orchestras (Principal)
Royal College of Music Orchestras (Principal)
LSO Brass Academy 2016

Chamber Music

Skyline Brass
Onyx Brass
Royal Academy of Music Symphonic Brass
Royal College of Music Brass Ensemble

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Trumpet, Baroque Trumpet, C Trumpet, D Trumpet, Eb Trumpet, Fanfare Trumpets, Natural Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet