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Pasha Mansurov


Performing Experience:
• London Symphony Orchestra
• London Philharmonic Orchestra (Sub Principal)
• Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields (Sub Principal)
• Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (Principal)
• Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (Principal)
• BBC National Orchestra of Wales (Sub Principal)
• London Mozart Players (Sub Principal)
• London Contemporary Orchestra (Principal)
• English Session Orchestra (Sub Principal)
• Orpheus Sinfonia (Principal)
• Gorzow Philharmonic Orchestra, Poland (Principal)
• Symphony Orchestra of India (Sub Principal)
• Hastings Philharmonic Orchestra (Principal)
• Riot Ensemble
• Mercury Quartet
• James McVinnie Ensemble
• Fugata Quintet
• Les Miserables (West End)
Soundtracks: The Master, Homemade, Stranger Things, Matrix: Resurrection, The Two Popes, Alien: Covenant, Under The Skin, Cyrano, Saltburn, Forgotten Battle, Little Birds, Algoritmo, The Pale Horse, The Beast Must Die, Dying Light (PC Game), Thom Yorke Suspiria, Starve Acre.
Flute - Alto Flute - Bass Flute - Contrabass Flute - Piccolo

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Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Contrabass Flute, Piccolo