Chair blocks for musicians

Saturday 2nd September 2023

Improve your posture, perform better

I have designed Chair Blocks for classical musicians to help aid good posture by raising the rear chair legs, keeping knee height below the hips. They're aimed at helping to alleviate the aches and pains experienced by musicians due to the provision of poor stage seating throughout rehearsals and concerts.

Individually handmade in England from solid hardwood, Chair Blocks are durable, functional, affordable and beautifully made. Leather cord is available as an optional extra to assist carrying your blocks on and off stage whilst also carrying your instrument.

Designed with two height settings of 35mm and 53mm, each block measures 70mm x 70mm.

The blocks are finished in a smooth wax to maintain effortless movement whilst in use.

​You can also choose to personalise your blocks by having them stamped with your name and contact number in case they are misplaced. This option is free.

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Tom Bott, Violin