World Record Attempt Alert!

Thursday 8th July 2021

The World’s largest all-Viola Orchestra


THE LEGENDARY international soloist, chamber and orchestral viola star KENNETH ESSEX is 101 years old on Tuesday July 20th, 2021. He has chosen Hospice Aid UK for a 10km sponsored walk to raise funds for our charity.

BUT HIS SPECIAL REQUEST IS - to raise even more for us! is for

ALL VIOLA PLAYERS everywhere in the world - of all ages, sizes, and talents - to join the first ever ORCHESTRA OF 101 VIOLAS to play HAPPY BIRTHDAY with a special arrangement, donated to Hospice Aid UK, by; Classic FM Hall of Fame’s superstar composer, Debbie Wiseman OBE to be “premiered” on 20th July at 2pm at Kenneth Essex’s 101st Birthday party. 

This is also an attempt on the Guinness Book of Records for The World’s largest all-Viola Orchestra which currently stands at 321.


-The Music is HERE (pdf).  You may choose to play the Viola 1 part, Viola 2, or Viola 3. The metronome marking and key is given.

- Or you may play as many of the parts as you like. But EACH PART needs to be a separate video.

- Take a video of yourself playing your part. Or each part

-Upload each video as an individual file and send as an email attachment to Trisha Loveland, Hospice Aid UK’s Fundraising Manager

- Provide your name and contact details on the accompanying email so that we can send you a receipt, firstly to confirm receipt and thank you but also to set out the terms and conditions within this project which are that:


a)      all videos must be received by no later than 6pm on 11th July 2021. They will be synthesised into one unified three-part version of Happy Birthday which is the property of Hospice Aid UK. Any video received which is deemed unusable and/or unfit for purpose for whatever reason will be returned to its sender- and if inappropriate in any way will be reported to the authorities, as necessary.

b)      Hospice Aid UK retain full artistic and ownership rights within the law over the final version produced.

c)       You should state in your accompanying email whether you are happy to have your name mentioned as a participant or not.  This will also be confirmed to you.

d)      Your name and details as provided for this specific use subject to your agreement thereto, are covered by our GDPR regulations and safeguarding procedures and will not be referred to, redistributed, or used in any other context unless your permission is granted. Our privacy policy can be found on our website

e)      Hospice Aid UK will seek to raise funds for its stated charitable objectives through Click-and-donate mechanisms on its website immediately following the “premiere” at 2pm on 20th July 2021 and retains all rights in those regards from that point on.

f)        Receipt of your uploaded videos and accompanying email will be taken by us to signify your agreement to the terms described above.  Whereas our receipt document will repeat them as confirmation of the agreement between us for your ease of reference.

g)      Should you wish to make a donation to the charity as a birthday gift to Kenneth, please visit

Thank you for joining this fabulous tribute to a true legend of the Viola world that is Kenneth Essex.

Registered charity number 1092575