Friday 26th February 2021

Clare Childs (Flute) is looking for musical performance videos for a new venture

Dear friends & colleagues,

Looking for MUSICAL PERFORMANCE VIDEOS for my new venture...if you have a solo, duo, chamber group, ensemble or direct a youth choir, children’s ensemble of any instrumentation - I’m looking for uplifting videos to get Music into Care Homes.

Sing from the Heart
I have set up a project called FRIDAY FRIENDS FROM THE HEART based from my Singalong which is for Carers, Care Homes & Families living with Dementia. This is to get a variety of Music into the places that have been starved of visitors, interaction, live music & activities for the last year. So far the videos have included solos, duos, a youth choir, a wind band & a family video - a total mixture for musical variety and inter-generational too. If anyone would like to donate a lockdown recording they have already done, an ensemble you direct or are part of (however big or small), or can pass this on to anyone who may be able to provide one - I’d be so grateful. My vision is to sustain this project for 2021 and beyond. I’d like to keep helping those living with Dementia, the carers who do such an amazing job, and to raise awareness of the positive affects of Music on people living with Dementia.

The videos go out alongside my singalong videos on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram and get into care homes direct through those links and carer support groups.

The background of “Sing from the Heart” is it was set up in 2019 at a local care home in Harpenden as a live singalong benefitting those with Dementia. It was inspired by my Mother who has Vascular Dementia diagnosed in her 60’s and is sadly now in a Nursing Home - I use music to communicate with her and to entertain her, so I have seen firsthand these incredible benefits. My heart broke for the carers & residents in March 2020 as their doors were shut to the world, so I started recording videos online to try and help. This has spread quite far and wide and I recently reached 160,000 video views since March 2020.

Please ask me any questions and have a little look at the social media links for more information.

Thanks so much,

Clare Childs

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