Save UK Arts - Join Our Campaign

Wednesday 1st July 2020

The UK Live Arts are in Crisis. Please join us in supporting the industry in their fight for urgent Government support

UK Live Arts are in crisis.  Without urgent Government support we are we close to losing an industry that contributes not only the 2nd largest GNP in the UK and employs over 900,000 people, but also an industry that brings joy to all of our lives.  Whether it be through music, theatre, TV or film, we all enjoy the arts in some way.


Not only will we be losing such a source of national pride, leaving hundreds of thousands of supremely talented individuals without work, theatres are closing which will have a devastating effect on other local businesses.  Community groups that offer opportunities to children no longer available in schools, and to adults as a way to enjoy what they love, will be gone.  No more professional live concerts, shows, plays or comedy gigs.


So we need your help.  Whether you are an Arts professionals or Arts lover, please write to us to show support. We would like to gather as many letters and statements as possible that we can present to Government officials and local MP’s to keep the pressure on the Government to take urgent action.


If you are an Arts professional please let us know how the lockdown has affected your career and your fears for the future.


If you are an Arts lover please let us know what the Arts mean to you and your feelings about a future without live arts.


Please send your submissions to before Wednesday 8th July and we will keep you updated on the responses we receive.


It is crucial that we take action now to protect this amazing industry that is all about spreading joy.


Follow our campaign on Facebook and Twitter and please share.  Every voice matters!