Royal Society of Musicians Coronavirus Support Network

Tuesday 21st April 2020

A new RSM telephone support network has been set up by volunteer RSM Members to help their fellow musicians through these very difficult times


Many musicians are not only suffering financially but are also feeling cut off from colleagues and friends. So, if you are feeling a bit isolated or anxious or you would just appreciate a chat with another musician, perhaps once a week or so, please do sign up here.  We will then be able to ‘match’ you with an RSM Member (or Members) who will call you. (You can, of course, opt out at any point.)


If you know other musicians who you think would benefit from being part of the Network but who may not be online and able to fill in the form electronically, please let us know on


In common with all the UK’s musical organisations, The Royal Society of Musicians has been doing all it can to try to alleviate the current critical situation for musicians.  In addition to setting up the Support Network, we have contributed £500,000 to the Help Musicians Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund, which has provided £500 one-off grants to help thousands of musicians cope with the crisis.


Other useful information on the RSM can be found via the following links:

The Royal Society of Musicians - the UK’s oldest musical charity.

RSM Guidelines for assistance due to illness or injury. 

Membership of the RSM

We are all severely affected by the current crisis but the music profession is a relatively small community, with so much shared experience and camaraderie.  Together we can ensure that our musical community is supported.  


Fiona Grant MBE
The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain