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Cuban Lift

Anna, (Flutes) just returned to Britain from touring Germany and Austria playing  Principal Flute with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra together with her life long friendand playing colleague Julie, (Flutes) who is abusy free-lance flautist in Manchester have teamed up with:
(Gittaron, Bass) Co-principal viola of the Britten Sinfonia as well as the extraordinary Micheal Nyman Band, plus,
(Charango, Quena’s, Guitars) Founder- member of celebrated  band ‘Incantation’ and soloist/collaborator to composer, James Horner in scores of films that include, Titanic The Mission and Apocolypto; and maybe last, but never least……
, (Latin American Percussion, Bongos etc) legendary film session percussionist.

These extraordinary musicians have teamed up to form an ensemble that performs the sensuous and evocative folk music of Latin America,

 from Cuba down to the tip of Peru.

Their Sell Out debut concert on New Year’s Eve had the audiences chanting for encores.

The passion, the virtuosity created an electric atmosphere that was clear for all to feel!


Anna Noakes

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