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Dom Kelly


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Last updated: March 29, 2024


Britten Sinfonia
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Locrian Ensemble
Pro Arte Orchestra
Lyndhurst Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra Anglia
English Symphony Orchestra
London Orchestra da Camera
National Symphony Orchestra

BBC Concert Orchestra
Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra of London
London Schubert Players
English Session Orchestra
British Philharmonic Orchestra
Seychelles Festival Orchestra
London Soloists Chamber Orchestra

west end

My Fair Lady (London dep)
The King & I, UK tour

The Wizard of Oz (London dep)

session contractors

Colin Sheen - Pro Arte
Hilary Skewes - Buick Productions
Tonia Davall - Lyndhurst Orchestra
Steve Hussey - Urban Soul Orchestra
Chris Worsey - Millennia Ensemble
Gaynor Keiles - Bookers Creative Ltd

Gareth Griffiths - Cool Music Ltd
Levine Andrade - London Telefilmonic Orchestra

Session Connection
Cathy Giles – BookABand
Sophie Sirota - The Wrecking Crew
Paul Spong - Music Creation Ltd

commercial sessions

CD recordings

Single Fascinated - Leona Lewis - featured oboe hook
Single - Gay Dad [Warner Bros.], Black Wing Studio
Single - Naomi Striemer [Sony], Mayfair Studios
Album Asleep in the Back - Elbow - The Dairy
Album Heliocentric - Paul Weller - Angel
Concept Album The Isis Project - Guy Chambers - Angel
Album Aled - Aled Jones - Gateway
Album – Absent Friends - Divine Comedy - Abbey Rd
Album Somewhere Else is Here - The Funky Lowlives
Album Higher - Aled Jones - Gateway
Album - Ed Harcourt - Real World
Album Christmas Album - Aled Jones - Gateway
Album Virtual Farmer - Judge Dred
Album Heligoland - Tim Friese-Green
Album If I Gave You the World - Steve Bayliss
Album Johnny Douglas in Concert - Johnny Douglas, Whitfield St.
Album - Francis Magiulli [Polydor], Abbey Rd
Album Strange Happenings - Maurice Goldman, arr.Larry Spivack
Album - Declan Galbraith - Olympic
Album - Emma Holland - Mayfair
Album tracks for Keedie (EMI)
Album tracks for Libera (EMI)
Album tracks for Elysium III
Album track for Jono McLeery (Ninja Tune)
Album for Michael W Smith / David Hamilton, Air Lyndhurst

Library & Misc

Game HALO4, music Neil Davidge, Abbey Rd
Library session for De Wolfe, Angel
Featured soloist on Discovery Channel promo, Nupski studios
Appearance in film If Only Jennifer Love Hewitt / Paul Nichols
Appearance in video for band Spiritualised, Roundhouse
Milken Foundation sessions of unrecorded Jewish composers
Featured soloist on music for TV documentary on ‘Martin Luther’
Little Imber oratorio, Imber, Wiltshire - BBC2 documentary
Dom Dominic Kelly Oboe Oboist Sample Library for Spitfire Audio
Soundtrack and fixer for ballet Kaleidoscope, music Simon Etchell
Oboe Remote Record library session for Ian Livingstone / EMI
Remote-record BBC Session for Dan Selby
Last Horseman (musical), Jon Cameron, Metropolis
Game FANTASIA, Inon Zur

Film & TV

Film Hannibal, music Hans Zimmer, Air-Lyndhurst
Film Bridget Jones Diary, music Patrick Doyle, Air-Lyndhurst
Film Road to Eldorado, music Hans Zimmer, Air Lyndhurst
Film Hunchback2, music Hans Zimmer, Abbey Rd
Film Das Geheimnis Meines Vaters, music Richard Blackford
Film Lost Souls, featured soloist, music Jan Kaczmarek, Abbey Rd
Film Pfeile der Liebe, music Richard Blackford
Film The Rat, music Bob Geldoff, Lansdowne Studios
Film Before We Forget, Angel
Film Hanna’s Fest, orchestrated Stuart Hancock
Film Die Pferde Von Katarinaburg, music Richard Blackford
Film Das Wunder Von Eriksberg, music Richard Blackford
Film Liebe Am Horizont, music Richard Blackford
Film A Thousand Kisses Deep, music Sandy McLelland
Film Rue Huvelin, music Christopher Slaski, Sphere Studios
Film Les Tuche, music Martin Rappeneau, Abbey Rd
Film Torrente 4, music Roque Baños, Abbey Rd
Film Intruders, music Roque Baños, Abbey Rd
Film On Ne Choisit Pas Sa Famille, music Alain Ranval, Air Lyndhurst
Film Der Gestohlene Sommer, music Richard Blackford
Film Hvidsten Gruppen, music Simon Ravn
Film A Fari Spenti, music Dominik Scherrer , Angel
Film Das Geheimnis der Weissen Taube, music Richard Blackford
Documentary on Stephen Hawkings, music Murray Gold, Air
League of Gentlemen Xmas Special, music Joby Talbot, Lansdowne
3x ITV Series’ Where the Heart Is, music Graham Preskett, Air-Edel
Wild Wild West , music Joby Talbot, Dawn French comedy on BBC1
TV documentary Fox Hunting for A440 Music
Kumars At No.42 TV sitcom (Sanjeev Bhaskar) - house band
TV series Thursday 12th, music Peter Salem
3-part TV series Miracles of Jesus, music David Mitcham
Featured soloist, BBC Songs of Praise with Alfie Bow, Jesu Joy
TV Series 12, Eps1-4, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, music Christian Henson
BBC1 Drama South Riding, music by Rob Lane, Abbey Rd
BBC re-make Upstairs Downstairs, music Dan Pemberton
BBC Drama Bert & Dickie, Angel, music Rob Lane
Channel 4 Alternative Xmas Message 2011, music Jamie Salisbury
BBC 2nd series of Silk, music Dru Masters
Peter Pan arena tour pre-records, music Matt Dunkley, AIR Studios
BBC1 Drama Quirke, music by Rob Lane, Angel


Oboe solo, Cadburys Flake Coronation Street, Ronnie Bond
Müller Yoghurt / Mr Men, Abbey Rd, Guy Farley
DogsTrust, Nupski Studios, Spectral
Wind Quintet, Joe&Co.
BBC Worldwide for Tony & Gaynor Sadler
Warburton’s Bread, Abbey Rd, music Guy Farley
TV promo for sitcom Al Murray the Pub Landlord

Tetley’s Tea, Abbey Rd, music Guy Farley
Bisto, Air Lyndhurst, music Dave Arch
Strongbow, Air Lyndhurst
Snuggle, Joe & Co, Dean St Studios
For The Journey, Lloyds / TSB, Angel
New BBC Radio2 ident 2013


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Oboe, Cor Anglais

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