Podcast hosted by Davina Shum - As It Comes: Life From a Musician's Point of View

Monday 25th November 2019

MAS client Davina Shum runs a podcast called - "As It Comes: Life From a Musician's Point of View". There are 12 episodes out right now, with new episodes being released fortnightly. On each episode, Davina chats with a different guest about life as a musician - the peaks, the troughs and the downright weird. 

The purpose of the podcast is to help inform others, musicians and non-musicians, of what a musician actually does, and to shed light on and demystify what can be a seemingly mysterious industry. 

It's available here at asitcomespod.podbean.com, facebook.com/asitcomespod, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all good podcast providers.

Davina is also a writer and speech contributor for BBC Radio 3 for their Time Travellers segment - which can be heard around 10.10am weekdays on Essential Classics, but also on the Time Travellers podcast available on BBC Sounds - her contributions currently feature on a couple episodes.