Live Concert Audio Recording Service; Central London/Surrey

Wednesday 16th December 2015

Would you or your group / ensemble / band be interested in having a high-quality live audio recording made of your concerts or performances?

My name is Rob Tweed, and I've been recording live music as a hobby since the 1980s. Using the very latest top-quality but highly portable equipment, I tend to focus on acoustic music, from solo players, ensembles and chamber groups, right up to big bands. The portability of the recording equipment means that I can work in most venues.

As it's a hobby for me, I'm happy to offer this service free of charge, and for rights/ownership of the music/performance to remain with you and your fellow players.

I can travel to venues in central London and most parts of Surrey and its borders into West Sussex. Further afield potentially possible - I'd be willing to discuss.

If this service would be of interest to you, to create a showcase for yourself or your group/ensemble/band, or to simply capture a performance, please get in touch:


Equipment I use includes:

- Microphones: DPA 2011C, Line Audio OM1, Calrec CM652D
- Recorders/interfaces: Zoom F8, Zoom H4n, Sound Devices USB Pre2