Percussion instruments for sale

Saturday 12th August 2017

Stephen Henderson has a selection of vintage/novelty percussion items from his personal collection that he wishes to dispose of to good homes

Vintage collectable instruments/novelties
Vic o'Brien Collapsible Bass Drum in an oval case
A Lo Hat pedal (pre invention of Hi Hat pedal)
Several vintage Bass Drum pedals 1920's
2 Car Horns from vintage cars (not brass Indian horns) - need new bulbs
2 Vintage Tubephones (1 is Ajax circa 1930's)
Toy Drum Kit in a small suitcase labelled 'Little Prince" circa 1926

Other instruments
Pair of Spanish Bongos
Pair of (famous maker) Johnny Romano Bongos (1 drum needs new head)
Pair of Copper Timbales + stand (no maker's name)
Remo "Rims" Drum Kit (Complete kit of single headed Bass Drum and 2 Tom Toms in 1 large cymbal case)

Please contact the MAS office if this is of interest