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Cristina Gestido


Orchestral Experience
2008/2015: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
2014: Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Guest Nº2))
2013: Kiez Oper (Berlín)
2011/2013: Asturias Symphony Orchestra (co-principal/tutti) (Spain)
2013: Oviedo Filarmonía (Spain)
2013: Real Filarmonía de Galicia (Spain)
2012: Semifinal Audition New York Philharmonic
2009/2012: Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, London (N.2/N.3)
2011: Granada Symphony Orchestra
2011: Arts Symphonic Orquestra London (principal)
2010: Camerata Clásica of Canary Islands (principal)
2009: Cadaqués Orchestra (co-principal)
2001: Murcia International Youth Symphony Orchestra
1997/2000: Asturias Youth Symphony Orchestra
Chamber Music
Soloists of the Royal Opera House with Vasko Vassilev (Pedraza Festival)
Manning Camerata, London
String Trio (Festival The Scoop, London)
String Octet (Royal College of Music, London)
Quatro String Quartet (Contemporary Chamber Music Festival of Salamanca, Spain)
Chamber Ensemble with Gordan Nikolitch (Jerwood Hall, LSO St. Lukes’, London)
String Sextet with Evgeny Grach and Andriy Viytovych (Festival AIMS, Solsona, Spain)
String Octet with Yuri Zhislin and members of the Asturias Symphony
Orchestra (Chamber Music Festival “Evaristo Valle”,Gijón, Spain
Solo Recitals
Teatro Filarmónica (Oviedo, Spain) with Marta Tejido
St. Martin-in-the-Fields (London) with Luis Parés
St James’ Piccadilly (London) with Luis Parés
Victoria and Albert Museum (London) with Luis Parés
Fundación Juan March (Madrid) with Luis Parés
Bolivar Hall (London) with Luis Parés
St. Giles in the Fields (London) with Luis Parés
Landsowne Club (London) with Luis Parés
St. Mary Abbots Church (London) with Luis Parés
Lincon’s Inn Chapel (London) with Luis Parés
Regent Hall (London) with Jakob Fichert
Hyde Park Chapel (London) with Jakob Fichert
Fundación Barrié de la Maza (Galicia, Spain)with Borja Quintas
“Música en el Río del Oro” Festival (León, Spain) with Alba Ventura
St Stephen’s Church (London) with Alba Ventura
Solsona Theatre (Spain) with Luis Parés
Regent Hall (London) with Alba Ventura
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (London) with Alba Ventura
Auditorio “Principe Felipe” (Oviedo,Spain) with Sergey Bezrodny
Concert Hall, Royal College of Music (London) with Luis Parés
Royal College of Music (London) with Alba Ventura
Bruno Giuranna: Viola Soloist
Wilfried Strehle: Principal Violist Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Jürgen Kussmaul: Viola Professor at Düsseldorf Hochshüle
Paul Silverthorne: Principal Violist London Symphony Orchestra
Gordan Nikolitch: Concert Master London Symphony Orchestra
Dietmar Mantel: Viola Professor at Manheimm Hochschüle
Simon Rowland-Jones: Viola Professor
Joey Corpues: Violin Professor New York
Hector Corpus: Principal Violin Asturias Symphony Orchestra
Oleg Lev: Principal Violist Asturias Symphony Orchestra
AMAS Musis Award (Asturian Music Prices)
RCM Scholar Foundation Scholarship
EMI Music Sound Foundation Award
Concordia Foundation Award
Wolfson Foundation Award
Pedro Barrié de la Maza Award
AIE (Performers Society of Spain) Award
Alvargonzález Foundation Scholarship
Cajastur (Bank of Asturias) Scholarship
Viola Tutor at BISYOC, International Yourth Orchestra Exchange (UK, Norway)

2007/2009: Masters Degree, Royal College of Music Londonwith Lawrence Power
2003/2007: Bachelor of Music with Honours, Royal College of Music, London
PGCE in Music Educacion, International Universtity of Valencia
Alevels in:Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Philosophy, English and Spanish

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Viola, Baroque Viola